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Townhouse for Rent

We’re planning on renting Lyndsey’s townhouse starting as soon as Nov 15th. Details are as follows: Address: 9814 Layla Ave Raleigh, NC 27607 Monthly Rent: 1100.00 + utilities (gas,water,power, etc) 2 Bedroom 2.5 bath in about 1100 sqft. of space and features the following: – Single car garage – Gas Logs – Hardwood floors downstairs The townhouse is in a… Read more →

Way too long…

Okay – so this is hard to admit for a nerd – but my blog has been broken for a while. I was unable to post. Obviously, that’s fixed now so I can actually fill the world with some useless digital content now… get ready world! Read more →

What – I blogged

1) Yes I just blogged – I haven’t logged in for a LONG time – but I have a lot to say. 2) I have 796 pending comments – dumb @$$ spammers – I’m hunting your IP addresses! I’ll blog something real later tonight – I have a lot to share Read more →

New Stuff

So I decided with the new house it was time to let go of the “college age” furniture and get some real stuff. I found a nice bedroom set on sale over Thanksgiving and got some “Black Friday” 20% off. Its the first room in the house on the way to be done. Now its time to hang some pictures.… Read more →

Kitchen vs Sam

I finished the kitchen today – I’m very please to say the least. I love the fact that a simple coat of paint can change the feel of a room so easily. While the cream wasn’t bad, the new color softens the “brightness” a bit. Now off to start cooking dinner tonight – having friends over for a low country… Read more →

Simple things

Simple things like getting a bookcase and unpacking 3 boxes worth of stuff on it just really makes one feel accomplished. After Adam Byrd commented on the “typical Sam office” last week – I figured it was about time I took care of this room of the house! Read more →

A New way of explaining my job…

So when I talk about having a bad day at work – when things “crash”, “go down”, “fail”, customers get angry, etc – its sort of hard to explain. I know what I do isn’t always “tangible”.  Technology lives in this virtual room somewhere on a bunch of servers. Today, I found a real world example that will help to… Read more →